Monday, February 18, 2013

Gas Prices Soar 51 Cents in Just Two Months

Gas Prices Soar 51 Cents in Just Two Months | CNS News:

"Gas Prices Soar 51 Cents in Just Two Months February 18, 2013 Per gallon cost has risen every business day for a month.

By Julia Seymour Subscribe to RSS Consumers are taking another huge hit in 2013. First, the two percent Social Security tax hike began the year. Now, gas prices are soaring ever closer to $4 a gallon and have jumped 51 cents a gallon since Dec. 20.

According to the Oil Price Information Service, the national average for a gallon of unleaded was $3.21.9 on Dec. 20, 2012. Today, that price is $3.73.0. While there has been a steady increase, prices shot almost 9 cents just over the weekend.

This President's Day also marked a full month of rising gas prices every single business day, following a very small early year drop. Gas prices began rising Jan. 18, from $3.29.3-a-gallon, and have soared since. If this increase continues, gas prices could threaten or even top the all-time high price of $4.11, set in 2008.

February 2013 saw record high gas prices for the time of year according to news reports. CNBC noted the national average was the highest ever for the time of year on Feb. 1. As of Feb. 11, The Los Angeles Times reported that the national average that day ($3.587) was also a record, '7.8 cents higher than the record for Feb. 11, set last year.' Today's price is now 17.6 cents higher than 2012.

It took the media some time to catch on to rising gas prices, as 'Good Morning America's' Josh Elliot said two weeks after the climb began that 'we have just learned that gas prices have skyrocketed.'" ...

Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with Obama getting re-elected, no, nothing to do with that at all, just a coincidence is all.

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