Monday, February 11, 2013


ASSUME nothing, or so I should have thought. Before I killed off my WordPress blog hosted by GoDaddy I downloaded the whole thing including the 455MB data file and I did the same as an XTML file. I didn't think I would need them because I thought I could just redirect my blogging program, Ecto, to the new site and have it upload everything. What I didn't know was that Ecto isn't supported anymore and also doesn't work with Blogger, my new host. As a matter of fact Ecto has been a dead product since 2007 although you can still buy it. Hmm, shit, damn, f---! Now what? Well, for starters I'm going to work on the setup of this site and make it so I can post as easily as I did with  Etco. Then I'll look into getting all the old stuff here. But that may never happen and going back via a search won't work anymore. I suspect that this isn't a high priority for anyone which is why it is now on the very back burner.