Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Another Business Visited by Obama Closes

Another Business Visited by Obama Closes | The Weekly Standard:

"Last week, it was announced that Ray's Hell Burger just outside Washington, D.C. would be closing its doors. A fan of the burger joint was President Obama, who had visited the location with his Russian counterpart. 

Well, it's happened again. In August, Obama visited Star Brewery in Dubuque. And now a local publication reports that the business is closing its doors." ...

Last summer a local Radford VA cookie shop refused to let Biden stop for a photo op. The cookie shop got a lot of press about it and is doing just fine.

However, the owner of the restaurant next door, a good and faithful democrat told the news that he would have welcomed Biden. He closed a month ago. It's not that letting Obama into your business that puts a pox on it, it's being a good and faithful democrat that doesn't know shit about running a business that's doing them in.