Thursday, March 29, 2018

Roseanne Star “Doesn't Get” Why Roseanne Likes President Trump | The Bea...

"'Roseanne' Star Sandra Bernhard: Women Who Support Trump Unable To Think For Themselves"
I thought I might get some insight into the mind of someone who thinks like her. I didn't. I keep coming back to what I've seen over the years where some of the people I've known on the left just think they are smarter than everyone else yet they are not smart enough to understand anyone who doesn't think like they do.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


"An 18 year-old just out of high school was trained to take pictures of damage inflicted on German targets by B-17’s. He flew in a British Spitfire fitted with extra fuel tanks where the guns were. 

     In other words, he flew over Germany unarmed.
 This is probably one of the best WWII film clips out there. Stored for 61 years in two suitcases of 16mm home movies that were inherited by filmmaker William Lorton from his great uncle who served as a Flight Surgeon. Those suitcases contained 3 hours of war footage that included a compelling crash landing of a Spitfire in 1944.
Filmed in a 2005 interview with the now 83 year old pilot .
At 18 years old, he was all alone, behind enemy lines, with no guns, no escort, and he gladly did it.
They just don't make them like that anymore. It was truly the greatest generation and we owe them so much."