Tuesday, November 15, 2016


It's been fascinating watching all the ignorant try to understand and explain the election. If you don't understand something you can't explain it.

Long ago I said that 40% vote one way, 40% vote the other. The difference in winning is that 20%. More of that 20% wanted Trump than Clinton.

The fact that she won the popular vote is meaningless because both of them campaigned for the electoral vote, not the popular vote. Trump won that handily.

In that 20% there was no excitement for Clinton. Sparse turnout at her rallies, lack of yard signs are indicators of what that 20% felt.

There was excitement for Trump. I felt the same thing about Obama in 2008, not from me but from that 20%.

Where all the ignorant went wrong is that they never talked to that 20%, they never wondered why there were so many Trump yard signs and almost no Clinton signs. They never wondered why tens of thousands of people went to Trump rallies and almost no one showed up for Clinton ones. They just talked to themselves and ignored us.

But we vote, we won and they lost. That is the only part they understand.