Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Understanding bias in the media

Look at this:


50 would be someone in the middle. Most of the country is at 50.
25 would be staunch Democrats and 75 would be staunch Republicans. The press, Hollywood and academia all fall into the 25 area. All their friends and co workers are in the 25 area. To them someone at 50 is to their right. But because most of the people they know are from 0 to 50 they think their views are right down the middle and everyone to the right of 50 is extreme. Their world view is limited by their environment. It is no wonder they think they are fair and no wonder why everyone from 50 up knows they are not.
They are upset and don't understand why Trump attacks them and they don't understand why we shout praise when he does so. After all, in their minds they are being fair. I wonder if that will ever change but I have hopes that faced with the reality of Trump they will reexamine their biases.