Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Someone smart once said that to solve a problem you must first understand it. Before I could decide where I stood I first considered what the problem was. In this case there are two aspects of the problem. One is when do you think life begins. Once you determine that for yourself you can then decide at what point you can stop it. Stopping it before it begins would be okay in my mind but stopping it after would not be okay. So, when does it begin? That is your decision to make for yourself.
It seems people focus on the current and only solution to the problem and miss what the problem actually is and therefore can't solve it. You can't solve a solution, you can only solve a problem. Concentrate on solving the problem is the only thing that makes sense. However, once the problem presents itself there is currently only that one solution and nobody likes it.
We would all be much better off if both sides looked for better solutions than bitch about the only solution there is.

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