Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Decision

I am amused by all the pundits trying to figure out the Trump phenomena. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ll tell you my story. Back in 2000 before 9/11 and shortly after ‘W’ came into office he signed a huge Ag bill that was TWICE the money giveaway that Clinton (Bill) had signed previously. WTF? What happened to cutting spending etc. I was disheartened with him and the reps but I hung in there like everyone else, faithfully voting for reps hoping they would do the right thing and constantly being let down. When I moved down here in 2008 I did not register as a rep although I kept voting for reps and kept getting disappointed over and over again. I told people I was independent but I kept voting rep. 

Along comes Trump and I see him upsetting the applecart, he doesn’t need their money and they can’t control him. They need to control their politicians, both parties do. Bernie Sanders is the joke put in there by the dems to make it look like the dem voters have a say in who their nominee will be. It was Hillary from the get go. Their party chair worked for H, the fix was in from the beginning. Everyone knows that but the weak minded sheep who think they have a say, they don’t. But the reps are no different, they put up a bunch of people but their money, all 125 million of it is behind Jeb, their choice, not mine. Well, I’ve had enough of voting for the lessor of two evils. Hell, who really knows which one that is anyway. They are both the same, will do the same thing and screw us equally well. 

But then there’s Trump, the wild card. He’s isn’t part of the club, hell, neither am I. I don’t know if he’ll win but I have decided that no matter what I’ll vote for him. Either if he is on the ticket or a write in but I’m not doing any more of this lessor of two evils crap. And if I do have to write him in he will be the only vote I cast. Screw the down ticket, what the hell have they done for any of us but lie their asses off. I would love it if a whole lot of dem and rep voters do what I’m planning to do. I would love to see Trump crash the DC glass cage of self privileged assholes who rule our lives without our consent. And screw all the pundits too. They who wine and dine with the privileged few and get paid handsomely for perpetrating the dual parties BS. That’s my plan, my reason and my decision.

This is the first time in decades that I know my vote will mean something. Even if only to show the assholes at the GOP what I think. If a lot of us do this maybe, just maybe we can get the changes we want. 

Hell, how much worse can it possibly get.