Wednesday, May 4, 2016

For my Bernie friends.

 I'm a Trump guy, have been from the beginning mostly because he was not, "the man" the establishment and I am sick of the reps. I've been independent for 8+ years. If the reps screwed Trump I was going to write him in. They told me, as they have before, that I should vote for their guy because he was the lessor of two evils. I felt that if I did that I'd still be voting for evil. How the hell are we going to change the establishment if we vote for it? It looks like Hillary is going to steal the election from Bernie because of the rigged rules. So your guys say to you that Hillary is less evil than Trump and you should vote for her. Your problem is that doing so will have you voting for evil and the very establishment that Bernie and you are fighting. With Trump I hope he can change the reps like Bernie would have changed the dems. If enough of you write in Bernie it might make the dems change. It sure as hell with be the same old, same old, if you vote for the same old, same old. Sure, Trump might win because of it. He may anyway. I know what I was prepared to do because my principles would not allow me to support evil anymore.
I wish you well.

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