Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The results of this government study are quite surprising.

The results of this government study are quite surprising.

Stanford University professor Dr Herman Stutterman was awarded a $50,000 grant to perform a study to determine the random effects of laundry tossing. The question is whether clothes during a wash cycle turn inside out in a random or predictable way. The study was conducted over the course of six months using 50 student volunteers who washed a total of over 1,500 loads. Clothes were sorted and put in the wash properly turned outside out and were checked after the dry cycle to see how many turned themselves inside out. The primary articles that turned themselves inside out were small items such as men's briefs and woman panties. Other items with a similar style such as shorts and especially short shorts or extremely small cutoffs also tended to turn themselves inside out. After tabulating the data Professor Stutterman determined that there was no particular pattern and the items turned themselves inside out in a random way.

What can we learn from this? The first thing we can learn is that up to this point you likely believed that our government would actually spend $50,000 on something this dumb. Yes, this is completely made up, a fake, a hoax. Sorry to put you on but I just couldn't help myself. Our government does dumb stuff every day and we have become complacent in letting them continue to do dumb stuff. That is more a reflection on us than them don't you think?

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