Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What Jonathan Gruber is Actually Saying About Obamacare

View from the left... But at the 5 minute mark he shows his true colors and agrees with Gruber that the American voter is stupid. In my many years on this planet I have witnessed many liberals/Progressives/Democrats who believe they are smarter than everyone else. It is reinforced by the fact that they never listen to anyone who disagrees with them. They can best be described by two of the three monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, from the left but see nothing but evil from the right. They live in a cloistered world and they don't know it. They hate Fox/Rush/Hannity etc but they never listen to them so why do they hate? Because they are conditioned to it by who they do listen too. They are told they are superior but because they don't allow a thought that disagrees with their view they really are not. And even when one of their own tells them he lied to them and thinks they are stupid they assume he is talking about someone else, not them. And that is how Democrats get elected.

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