Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Reminder of Obama's Presidency

Obamas IRS destroying evidenceDACA AmnestyCommon Core Opening border to gang members and drug dealersVA intentional deaths of veteransNegotiating with terrorists Fast & FuriousSEAL Team 6Global warming hoaxObamacare would save the avg family $2500 per yearForcing businesses to violate their religious beliefsViolating the rights and sanctity of our ChurchesObamacare web site-cronyismNSA acting as Obama Gestapo17 Trillion in debtLies about BenghaziVoter fraudShovel ready jobsIntentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequesterIntentionally trying to hurt Americans during govt shutdownBlocking veterans from seeing their own memorialsAllowing illegals on mall during govt shutdownShutting down ‘The Peoples House’ toursWe can keep our insurance if we like itWe can keep our doctors if we like themMilitary not getting their votes countedSupporting the Muslim Brotherhood with arms and moneyDOJ spying on the free pressNot securing our bordersSpying on Americans on American soil with dronesSOLYNDRAPicking winners and losersIRS targeting conservativesIRS targeting the Tea PartyMillions losing health care coverageIncreasing welfare rollsIncreasing disability rollsCountless party’s Countless exorbitant vacationsReleasing illegal’s from prisonUnconstitutional recess appointmentNO budget for 5 yearsClapper lying to congressHolder lying to congressFailing to prosecute the New Black PantherReading our e-mailWar on womenPromoting race warWar between makers and takersA123 SystemsCash for clunkersObama phones