Monday, May 22, 2017


As the recent Harvard study pointed out, the main stream media or MSM as they have been called are really not mainstream anymore. With 90% negative reporting towards Trump you would be more accurate to call them the left wing media or LWM. They are blinded by their biases and probably don't realize that they only preach to the people that agree with them. The other half of the country ignores them, which is proven by their low ratings*. But like all lefties they are small in number but large in noise, much like a spoiled child deprived of their candy. Hard to ignore but easy to disregard. We on the right watch them in amusement and note that they didn't get the moniker, "The looney left" for naught.

* The three network news shows combined get about 20 million viewers or only 15% of the population. Cable news combined is about half that or about 30 million total. That's not even half of the 63 million +- that voted for HRC and only a quarter of all voters.

Put simply, they just don't matter anymore.