Sunday, December 4, 2016

Football analogy

A football game is decided by the score, not by how many first downs a team gets. For the losing team to try to convince everyone they won because they got more first downs is silly. If you want to make getting first downs determine who wins a game then both teams will play by those rules and everything will be different. This is the same as saying you should be president because you got more popular votes. You can't change the rules to suit yourself after the game, you have to do it before you play. Trump won in a near landslide for the votes of the electoral college, which BOTH sides were competing for. NEITHER side was competing for the popular vote and the fact Hillary got more is of no consequence, it happened by accident. I would guess that if you asked her if she would trade the popular votes for the electoral votes she would say yes! Therefore any argument that says she should be president is baseless. She lost the game she was playing and by a significant margin. 56% to 44% if memory serves.