Saturday, December 24, 2016

Are There Any Accurate Polls?

In our recent election the pundits and pollsters had it all backwards, reversed from what actually happened. Trump won by the margin they claimed Hillary would win. But does it stop there. They asked the same people and did their analysis using the same tools they used to claim Trumps approval and disapproval numbers. Their other claims were wrong, why would any sane person think these are right.

For further evidence of that look at Jill Steins recount where they thought they might reverse H's loss. Instead Trump ended up with even more votes! Then look at the electoral college vote. The pundits thought she might turn it around and prevent Trump from getting the magical 270 votes. He got 304, 2 less than he won because of 2 defectors. Far short of the needed amount to stop him. What's even more interesting is that she lost 6 electors! Three times the number Trump lost. (2 were replaced making her official loss at 4, still twice Trumps loss.)

Using this information as a guide we can correctly conclude that instead of Trump having high negative numbers he actually has high positive numbers! Instead of low approval numbers, he has high approval numbers.

As for Obama's high approval number? It is really a low approval number.

From now on just take whatever these people claim and reverse it, or just take a wild ass guess. Either way you'll likely be more accurate than they are.