Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Left or right.

If you only listen to news sources from your side you will end up with an irrational fear and hatred of the people on the other side. Your politicians have to lie to you to make you fear the other side. News media has to overplay everything to make you watch and read them. Listening just to them makes you their slave.

You are as likely to get the truth about the left from Fox News as you are to get the truth about the right from CNN, MSNBC etc.
I watched the PBS Newshour last night for a edited limited snippet of a speech that I had listened to in full earlier in the day. What a difference! They take a snippet here, a word there and create an inaccurate narrative that is not what the person actually said.

Benjamin Franklin
“Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.”

Try to remember that we are all Americans and we are all in this together. Try not to be mislead about anyone. Would you want someone to decide who and what you were by having them only asking your enemies? No, of course not. You can't make a proper and fair decision about anyone or anything by only listening to half the story. That would be like going to trial with no defence attorney to tell your side. Instead of listening to snippets of speeches from a source that is their enemy, listen to the full speech on YouTube and make up your own mind, once you have ALL the facts and not just those fed to you like you were a little baby.

Don't be a slave, be informed, it's important to you, your family and your future..