Friday, September 27, 2013

How to tell if you're talking to a flaming liberal

I was sitting at PT with an ice pack on my knee when the guy next to me started talking about healthcare. I wasn't too interested in talking about it but to be nice I went along. It quickly turned into a lecture from him. He never wanted to hear anything I had to say and interrupted me often. Liberals never want to discuss anything, they just want to preach their -flip card- doctrine. I've learned long ago not to bother with them but I was trapped with that ice pack on my knee. In mid sentence, his, not mine, the therapist came by to remove the ice pack. I used the opportunity to escape with the liberal still talking. I said, "Nice to meet you, gotta go" and left. he probably thought he had converted me because I didn't respond to his speech. He didn't, he just reinforced my conviction that liberals lean to the idiot side and aren't worth the time or effort to debate them.

The average IQ is 100. That means that half the people are below 100. Now we know where all the liberals come from...